Missouri lottery players win $50,000 after playing same numbers for 30 years

Two Missouri lottery players will split a $50,000 jackpot after they won using a set of hand-picked numbers.

The anonymous winners revealed that they had been playing those same numbers for the past 30 years.

“He’s always played the same numbers,” one of the winners told the Missouri Lottery Thursday. “He couldn’t hardly believe he won.”

The winner shared that the numbers had a family significance. It is unclear, though, how or if the two winners are related.

The winning ticket was purchased at a gas station in southwest El Dorado Springs, Mo., and garnered the $50,000 prize after matching four out of five winning numbers as well as the PowerBall number.

Players in Cedar County — where El Dorado Springs is located — have won over $1.7 million in cash prizes during the past year, the lottery said.

As a result, stores where these tickets were sold received over $182,000 in commissions.

This is not the first time that someone has won a jackpot using the same set of lottery numbers.

Just days ago, a Michigan man won a $339,768 jackpot with the same numbers that he had been using for the past 15 years.

The man had previously won $250,000 playing with those numbers in 2007.

“I have always played the same set of numbers on draw games,” the man said.

Despite these rare occurrences, it has been noted that playing the same set of numbers over time doesn’t make someone any more likely to win.

“It statistically makes absolutely no difference if you play the same set of lottery numbers every week or choose a completely different set of numbers for every drawing,” Insider reported. “Given the independence of drawings, there is no reason any fixed set of numbers would be more likely from one drawing to the next.”

“Since drawings are independent, there is no difference between playing the same numbers in multiple drawings and choosing completely different sets each week,” the report said.

The lottery has been in the headlines recently following the recent rollover of the Mega Millions jackpot.

With no winner being drawn, the prize increased to more than $1 billion, with the next drawing scheduled to take place on Friday evening.

Lottery games across the world have seen a number of unique circumstances in recent weeks.

In Australia, a woman claimed her second jackpot in two months, winning AU$100,000 in both June and July.

And in Maryland, a woman won $101,000 after pulling off her third jackpot win in the last six years.